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XNet_Meteo : http://www.grosjeanne.name/Meteo/

GraphWeather : http://www.aguilmard.com/

XNet_Meteo installation

The download file is a ZIP archive that includes 3 files :

   XNet_Meteo.exe : The binary
   CSV_base.cfg : A configuration file for GraphWeather 2.x, we will use later.
   CSV_Plugin_1.cfg : A configuration file for GraphWeather 3.x, we will use later.

There is no install software or script. You have to create a folder Ex C:\Program Files\XNet_Meteo and extract here XNet_Meteo.exe file.

XNet Meteo WMR100.png

Then, you just have to run XNet_Meteo.exe, default configuration is enough to start. You may add a shortcut in the Start->All Programs->Startup to run XNet_Meteo on each logon.

Once running, you have to check that your station is seen by XNet_Meteo. Look at the status pannel, connection state is displayed :

   WMR NOT Connected : No Oregon Scientific Station detected
   WMR Connected : A station Oregon Scientific has been detected, No data received
   WMR100/WMRS200/RMS300/RMS600/EMS100 Connected : Live data are received (WMR100 protocol)
   WMR200 Connected : Datalogger or live data are received (WMR200 protocol)

Progressively, collected data will be shown in the user interface. You may chek them against the station display.

In the folder where XNet_Meteo.exe was installed, XNet_Meteo.csv file will be created. For Win7 and Vista users, please refer to FAQ. Data in this file will be processed by GraphWeather.

Graphweather Configuration

XNet Meteo GW Options.png

Follow the setup process of Graphweather 2.0.x [or Beta 3.x].

Second step is about to configure GraphWeather to process data collected by XNet_Meteo.

Before running GraphWeather, extract CSV_base.cfg and CSV_Plugin_1.csv files from XNet_Meteo ZIP archive into C:\Program Files\GraphWeather\Plugins.

Then run GraphWeather, Cancel the wizard if shown :

In the Menu Tools-> Options

Select Data Sources tab, then select CSV.dll in the first list of "base panel" : Plugin & Sources. and finally, click on "Add" button, find XNet_Meteo.csv in XNet_Meteo folder.

Click on "OK" to save changes.

GraphWeather is now configured to use data collected from XNet_Meteo.

More, with video : Meteo La Louviere Tutorial

Have Fun !

Joß (XNet_Meteo@grosjeanne.name)