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Welcome on the Cipprc.pngCisco IP Phone Remote Control (CIPPRC)Cipprc.png Wiki WebSite.

Main Features

  • Dial from your ClipBoard PC (GUI or Hotkey (CTRL + F2))
  • Display Caller Name on your IPPhone based on your Outlook Personnal Address Book
  • See Status Call of your calls on your PC

Coming Features

  • Focus on TAPI Support [ Due to security encryption deployed on my IPTelephony network ;-( ]
  • Search and Dial based on your Outlook Personnal Address Book
  • Tiny GUI on TrayBar
  • Simplified Options

Technical Specifications

  • Monitor Network for SCCP signalisation (base on WinPCap).
  • Cisco IP Phone XML support for remote control
  • Microsoft Outlook communication through COM object

Getting started

  1. Download latest release
  2. How to install this software
  3. How to configure this software
  4. Help about this software
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

How to use this WebSite

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