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Registry Knowledge

The Option Panel is not (yet) included in the public version. All setting must be done through a registry editor.

The Root key for this software is :


IPPhone SubKey

IPPhone  : The IP Address of the IPPhone you will send XML requests
UserName : The Username with right priviledge to control you IPPhone
PassWord : The password associated with the above UserName

RegExp SubKey

This Subkey hosts Regular Expression List. They will be used to normalize number from Personnal Address Book.

You could download bellow a classic (With 0 Prefix to DialOut) French Dial Plan.

French E.164 in wrong format : +33 and 10 digits. Replace +330xxxxxxxxx Numbers to 00xxxxxxxxx


French E.164 correctly formatted : +33 and 9 digits. Replace +33xxxxxxxxx Numbers to 00xxxxxxxxx


Internationnal E.164 Numbers, Prefix 00 instead of +. Replace +* Numbers to 000*


French Numbers (0 and 9 digits). Replace 0xxxxxxxxx Numbers to 00xxxxxxxxx


WinPCap SubKey

No manual configuration needed under this subkey.

This subkey is uses to memorise your options.