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Is Windows Vista/Seven supported ?

YES ! Starting 20090528a Version, no administrator rights are required to run.

CSV file is written under %USERPROFILE%\AppData\VirtualStore\Program Files\XNet_Meteo\ if XNet_Meteo.exe installed in %ProgramFiles%\XNet_Meteo

Wind_Chill Calculation

If you are using Graphweather and CSV Plugin, let Graphweather compute the wind_chill.

Do not map wind_chill column in the CSV Plugin Options.

Solar_Radiation Calculation

Starting version 2009-12-19a, a "dummy" solar radiation is computed based on UV_Index.

Solar_Rafiation = UV_Index X 100.

Time Zone

XNet_Meteo store Date and Time with UTC (GMT) TimeZone

In France, Configure GraphWeather (Tools (Menu) -> Setup -> Data Sources (Tab) -> CSV.dll Options (Button)) :

  • Adjust Time : +2 during summer time
  • Adjust Time : +1 during winter time

How send to Debug Logs to developper ?

Simply create a directory named "Logs" under the Main directory

Example : c:\program files\XNet_Meteo\Logs or %USERPROFILE%\AppData\VirtualStore\Program Files\XNet_Meteo\Logs under Vista.

Send files generated to xnet_meteo@grosjeanne.name, with the reference of your Service Request as subject.

Don't forget to remove the directory (Debug logs are very verbose ;-)).

Other Questions ?

I will answer here, the questions you will send me at XNet_Meteo@grosjeanne.name